Within Histogen's proprietary bioreactors, newborn cells from a single source cell bank are placed into a bioreactor on dextran beads and conditioned with a liquid media. Through a unique technology process that simulates the embryonic environment, newborn cells are directed to become multipotent, and naturally produce the vital proteins and growth factors from which the Company has developed its product portfolio.
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Our Patents
Histogen’s first US patent entitled "Extracellular Matrix Compositions Produced Under Hypoxic Culture Conditions" was issued in September 2012, and covers the Company’s novel method of growing cells under low oxygen and suspension conditions, and the process through which the naturally-secreted protein compositions are produced. To date, more than 40 patents have been filed worldwide on Histogen’s technology and the compositions produced through its manufacturing process. Histogen currently holds five U.S. issued patents, eight foreign issued patents and has 31 active patent applications in the US and elsewhere.

  • 8,257,947, - "Extracellular Matrix Compositions Produced Under Hypoxic Culture Conditions"
  • 8,524,494, - "Low Oxygen Tension and bFGF Generates a Multipotent Stem Cell from a Fibroblast In Vitro"
  • 8,530,415, - "Repair and/or Regeneration of Cells with a Composition Produced by Culturing Fibroblast Cells under Hypoxic Conditions"
  • 8,535,913, - "Soluble Composition for Promoting Hair Growth Produced by Hypoxic Culture of Fibroblast Cells"
  • 8,852,637, - "Extracellular Matrix Compositions for the Treatment of Cancer"

Two patents have been filed in the United States and Europe covering Histogen extracellular matrix.
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