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Board of Directors

Steven Chang, Ph.D., President CURES & VP R&D New York Stem Cell Foundation

Stephen ChangIn addition to serving as Chairmen of the Board and a Member of the OTC of Histogen, Inc. Dr. Stephen M. Chang, PhD is Vice President, Research and Development for the New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF). Prior to joining NYSCF, Dr. Chang served as Chief Scientific Officer of Stemgent, and was CEO of Multicell Technologies and continues as a director of this company. He has also served as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Stemgent, Inc., CEO of Astral Immunotherapy, CSO and vice president of Canji Inc. / Schering Plough Research Institute and held senior management positions at Chiron and Viagene.

Yizhuo Zhang

Yizhuo ZhangYizhuo Zhang is currently the director of Strategy and Investment Department of Huapont Life Sciences where he is in charge of all aspects of the group investment activities. He has successfully lead the acquisitions of several hospitals and biotech companies out of China and has years of experience in capital market. Yizhuo Zhang became the CEO of Huapont Huiyi Investment Co., in 2014 which is focused on investing and developing health-related Services.

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

A few years after completing his degree in Business Management in London, Jonathan Jackson set up his own company to develop commercial real estate in Central Europe. Over the last 20 years he has currently under development and developed more than 6,000,000 sqft of space. Since selling a portfolio of completed assets in early 2007 in one of the largest deals in Central Europe, Mr. Jackson has diversified and invested over $15M in different business sectors, both in the USA and Europe, with great success.

Brian Satz, Founder, Satz Law Group LLC

Brian Satz

Brian M. Satz is an attorney and founder of Satz Law Group LLC in Fairfield, New Jersey. Mr. Satz has extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of corporate and commercial transactions as well as their day-to-day business matters. In particular, Mr. Satz has advised numerous investors and businesses in the biotech and life sciences industries and has been involved in the financing of many early stage companies. Prior to the founding of Satz Law Group, Mr. Satz spent the vast majority of his career working at large New York City based law firms.

Histogen Inc. is a regenerative medicine company based on the commercialization of products manufactured by newborn human cells.
  • Broad range of markets, which are underserved and expected to grow
  • Rich product portfolio
  • Solutions without the use of embryonic stem cells or animal products
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